I believe the perfect product experience is one where the experience simply disappears.

When the website navigates exactly like the user would expect. When the iPhone app responds like the user would hope that it would. It’s only then that this pile of pixels and code becomes part of life, indistiguishable between accessory and necessity

A redesign isn't always just about aesthetics.
It's about changing lives.

At the beginning of 2012, HealthTeacher began the rebranding process. From logo design and messaging and throughout the product, the entire face of the company would be reworked to better serve existing partners and better reach future users.

I joined the team in May to lead the creative direction of the redesign of the HealthTeacher product.

Turning heads. Turning iPhones.

Born in the garage by two friends and crowdfunded, Swivl needed a brand built from square one.

The deliverables?
Naming, identity, website, packaging, and app.

The result?
5% conversion rate at launch, Last Product Standing Award at CES and features on TechCrunch, Gizmodo, CNN and many more.

Showcasing technology on the worldwide stage.

As the excitement of the World Cup began to bubble, Sony was beginning to build their marketing push for their sponsorship.

Built within their World Cup social media contest, this minisite informed users of their newest products with a conversion rate of 7.6% and a 30% click-through rate.

The only thing Massimo Vignelli
and Doyle Brunson might agree on.

What started as a design exercise quickly turned into a virally-driven product featured in Real Simple, Wired Magazine, Communication Arts, Fab, and more.

Currently accepting projects for 2013.